Bid Results

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16002PD Police Uniform Cleaning
16003PW Janitorial Services at the Municipal Complex
16005WD Boiler Inspection and Maintenance Services
16009RE Property Management Services Contract
16010PW Sewer Maintenance
16011PW Water Distribution System Maintenance
16020PR Rental of Portable Toilets
16022WD Fire Hydrants
16024MO Copy Paper
16025MO Printing of City Stationery
16014WD Ferric Chloride
16015WD Hydrofluorosilicic Acid
16016WD Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
16017WD Hydrated Lime
16018WD Aluminum Chlorohydrate
16021WD Ground Maintenance/Grass Cutting Contract
16026PW Mineral Aggregates
16027PW Bituminous Concrete
16028PW Portland Cement Concrete
16030WD HVAC and Related Systems Inspection and Maintenance Services
16031WD Liquid Zinc Orthophosphate
16033PR Summer Food Service Program
16035PW Snow Removal



15002PW Street Paving Phase VI
15003PD Police Clothing
15004PW Traffic Control Devices, Installation and Alteration
15005RE Property Management Services
15006WD Ferric Chloride
15007WD Hydrofluorosilicic Acid
15008WD Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
15009WD Hydrated Lime
15010WD Aluminum Chlorohydrate
15011WD Liquid Zinc Orthophosphate
15012PR Summer Food Service Program
15013PR Rental of Portable Toilets
15014PR Specifications for HVAC Preventative Maintenance, General and Emergency Repairs at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center
15017MO Graffiti Removal and Prevention
15018WD Ground Maintenance/Grass Cutting
15019WD Fire Hydrants
15021MO Copy Paper
15022MO Printing of City Stationery
15023PW Gasoline/Heating Oil/Diesel Fuel
15024PW Mineral Aggregates
15025PW Bituminous Concrete
15026PW Portland Cement Concrete
15027PW Snow Removal
15028WD Boiler Inspection and Maintenance Services
15029PR Security Guard Services at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center
15035PD Toner, Ink & Printer Supplies
15036CC Wilmington Channel 28 Leased Access Facility and Television Upgrades
15038LI Demolition of 622 East 22nd Street
15039LI Demolition of 824 West 7th Street
15040PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase I
15044PR CACFP At Risk Child and Adult Care Food Program
15046LI Demolition of 406 West 7th Street
15048LI Demolition of 306 West 29th Street
15050CC Council Chambers Lighting & TV Studio Upgrade
15051PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase II
15053DF Printing and Mailing of Coupon Booklets
15058FD Tractor Drawn Aerial Ladder Truck
15059PW Dual Vibratory Drum Asphalt Roller
15061WD Rehabilitation of the 2,300,000 Gallon Foulk Road Water Standpipe
15064PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase III
15065LI Demolition of 106 North Franklin Street
15066LI Demolition of 25 East 24th Street
15067LI Demolition of 507 West 5th Street
15069WD Filter Plant Improvements Restoration of Above Ground Headworks
15071PW Lighting Improvements, Village of Eastlake
15072PW Garbage Truck Chassis & Body - 25 Cubic Yard
15073LI Demolition of 620 North Harrison Street
15074LI Demolition of 1319 West 6th Street
15075LI Demolition of 2722 Washington Street
15078PW Ford Interceptor Utility UpLifts
15150CC Council Chambers Lighting and Control and TV Studio Lighting Upgrades



14001LI Licenses and Inspections Vacant Property Services
14002PW Gasoline
14003PW Heating & Diesel - 275 to 5,000 Gallon Tank Size
14004PW Heating & Diesel - 5,001 to 15,000 Gallon Tank Size
14005PR Summer Food Service Program
14006PW Janitorial Services at the City of Wilmington Municipal Complex
14007PW HVAC Preventative Maintenance, General & Emergency Service
14008PD Police Uniform Cleaning
14010RE Property Management Services Contract
14013WD Ground Maintenance/Grass Cutting Contract
14014PR Rental of Portable Toilets
14015MO Graffiti Removal and Prevention
14016PW Mineral Aggregates
14017PW Bituminous Concrete
14018PW Portland Cement Concrete
14020PW Snow Removal
14021PW Catch Basin, Manholes, Monument Box Castings
14023PW Security Guard Service at William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center
14024MO Copy Paper
14025MO Printing of City Stationery
14026WD Ferric Chloride
14027WD Hydrofluorosilicic Acid
14028WD Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
14029WD Hydrated Lime
14030WD Aluminum Chlorohydrate
14031WD Liquid Zinc Orthophosphate
14032PR HVAC Maintenance at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center
14034MO Printer and Data Processing Supplies
14035WD Boiler Inspection and Maintenance Services
14038WD Fire Hydrants
14039WD Miscellaneous Pipefitting
14042PR Playground Improvements for the Tatnall Street Playground
14043PW Corbin Court Lighting Improvements
14044RE Demolition of 614 West 6th Street
14047PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase I
14048PD Towing and Impounding of Vehicles
14050PR CACFP At Risk Child and Adult Care Food Program
14051DF Printing of Coupon Booklets
14053PWR Vehicle Uplifts - PPV - K-9 Tahoes
14054PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase II
14057PR Eastlawn Playground Improvements
14058RE Facade Improvements 1800 Block W. 3rd Street
14059PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase III
14060PW Long Line Pavement Markings
14061PW Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Plant Fine Screen Buildings Concrete Improvements
14062PW Kentmere & Union CSO Mitigation Phase I
14063PW Sewer Cleaning & Inspection - Phase 6
14064LI Demolition of 9 West 27th Street
14065PW Utility Bodies
14066PW Three Wheel Broom Sweeper with Belt Conveyor
14069PW Traffic Signage
14070WD Replacement of Water Mains in Liftwood, Deerhurst, St. Francis Hospital, Trolley Square, Southbridge and Delwynn Areas in Wilmington
14071PW Garbage Truck Chassis & Body - 25 Cubic Yard
14072PD Heavy Duty Bullet Backstop System
14073WD Rehabilitation of the 100,000 Gallon Carr Road Legged Elevated Water Storage Tank
14076CC Robotic Camera System Upgrade for City Council Committee Room



13003PW Sewer Cleaning & Inspection Phase V
13004PD Police Clothing
13005LI Vacant Property Services Contract
13006MO Copy Paper
13007MO Printing of City Stationery
13008MO Graffiti Removal and Prevention
13030PW Supply Bituminous Concrete Mixes
13033PW Snow Removal & Other Emergency Services
13043PD Air Conditioning Unit, Supply and Installation
13052PR CACFP At-Risk Child and Adult Care Food Program
13053FD Foam Firefighting Trailer
13055EM Flood Wall at the Wilmington EOC
13057DF Printing of Coupon Booklets
13108MO Graffiti Removal and Prevention
13208MO Graffiti Removal and Prevention
13009PR Summer Food Service Program
13010PR Rental of Portable Toilets
13012WD Ground Maintenance/Grass Cutting Contract
13013WD Fire Hydrants
13014WD Sodium Hypochlorite
13015WD Liquid Zinc Orthophosphate
13016WD Hydrofluorosilicic Acid
13017WD Hyrdrated Lime
13018WD Ferric Chloride
13019WD Miscellaneous Pipe Fittings
13020WD Water Distribution System Maintenance
13021PW Gasoline
13022PW Heating Fuel and Diesel 275-5,000 Gallon Tank Size
13023PW Heating Fuel and Diesel 5,001-15,000 Gallon Tank Size
13024WD Boiler Inpection and Maintenance Services
13027RE Property Management Services Contract
13028PW Security Guard Services for Hicks Anderson Center
13029PW Mineral Aggregates
13031PW Portland Cement Concrete
13034PW Janitorial Services for Municipal Services Complex
13035PW HVAC Maintenance & Repairs
13036PW Sewer Construction
13039PW Catch Basin Manholes, Monument Box Castings
13045PW 20 Cubic Yard Heavy Duty Garbage Truck Chassis
13046PW 20 Cubic Yard Heavy Duty Garbage Truck Body
13048PW Midsize Sedans
13050WD Replacement of Mains in South Wilmington (Pennrose Subdivision Hillcrest, Edgewood Hills and Academy Place)
13053FDR Foam Firefighting Trailer
13054PW Long Line Pavement Markings
13055EMR Flood Wall at the Wilmington E.O.C.
13056PW Wilmington Tree Removal & Planting (CSO)
13058WD Aluminum Chloride Hydroxide Sulfate
13059WD Aluminum Chlorohydrate
13060WD Sodium Hydroxide (25%)
13061WD Sodium Bisulfite (38%)
13062WD Citric Acid
13064WD Rehabilitation of the 250,000 Gallon Alapocas Legged Elevated Water Storage Tank
13065PR Filter Room Renovations and Improvements at Prices Run Pool
13066PW Spencer Plaza Paving and Landscape Improvements
13067PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase II
13068WD Filter Plant Improvements - Restoration of Underground Headworks
13069PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase III
13073LI Demolition of 618 North Franklin Street
13074PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase IV
13075RE Renovations to 212 and 214 West 23rd Street
13076PW Wilmington Curbs & Sidewalks - Phase IV
13079PW Office Renovations - Cultural Affairs
13077LI Demolition of 1317 Lancaster Avenue
13078LI Demolition of 25 East 23rd Street
13113WD Fire Hydrants
PW13041 Wilmington Curbs and Sidewalks Phase 1



PR12006 Canby Park Road Reconstruction
PR12106 Canby Park Road Reconstruction