City's Cable, Video and Telecommunications Commission Recommends Third Party Operator (TPO) to City Council

Posted on  11/01/2013 10:36 am

Wilmington’s Cable, Video and Telecommunications (CVT) Commission voted yesterday (Thursday) afternoon to recommend to City Council that the Leased Access Preservation Association be approved as the third party operator (TPO) of a leased access/public access television station. The station will serve the Wilmington community with live leased access, leased access and public access programming beginning in April of 2014.

Under the terms of the City’s franchise agreement with Comcast, the TPO will operate a self-sustaining public access/leased access (PALA) cable channel and studio facility to provide news and information to the community of Wilmington and provides access services to the greater Wilmington area. The TPO will now negotiate a contract with the City and another contract with Comcast governing the operation of the television station.
The TPO recommendation as well as a management contract between the City and the Leased Access Preservation Association will be considered by City Council in early December. The City’s contract with the TPO will be reviewed in late November by the CVT Commission and then forwarded to the City Council for action.

Comcast will relinquish its long-time role as the operator of the TV 28 leased access station next April as part of a new 12-year franchise agreement with the City that was signed last November.

The CVT Commission, comprised of representatives of the Williams Administration and City Council as well as the City Solicitor and City Auditor, reviewed and assessed three TPO proposals submitted in August in response to a City Request for Proposals (RFP) issued in June. Last week, Commission members met with the three entities—Wilmington LIVE!, Community Cable Network (CCN) and Leased Access Preservation Association (LAPA)—on three successive days to seek information about each groups management plans for the television station.