Mayor Williams Joins Downtown Visions at Meet-and-Greet to Discuss Improvements Coming to Downtown Wilmington

Posted on  12/06/2013 2:51 pm

Mayor Dennis P. Williams joined Downtown Visions, along with other officials, at the Hercules Building to meet with members of Wilmington's business community and share various improvements that look to increase the safety and vibrancy of downtown.

During the meet-and-greet, Mayor Williams highlighted the recent deployment of Wilmington police officers to the downtown business district and residential neighborhood. Mayor Williams stated the officers will enforce laws against panhandling, loitering and disorderly conduct, and that the extra officers will be a permanent fixture to the downtown community.

"It will be a fixed post. It will not be a case where we eradicate the problem and move on," said Mayor Williams. "Downtown is our life blood. Without it our city will not survive."

The meet-and-greet also featured updates regarding multiple projects including: a proposed expansion of Wilmington's trolley-bus route, upcoming improvements to H. Fletcher Brown Park and the installation of "dark fiber" at McConnell Johnson's building, which could potentially attract high-tech companies in need of high-speed access to worldwide computer networks.

Currently, the Wilmington trolley system covers a limited portion of downtown, but in upcoming months, it is probable the route will expand to include the Christina riverfront, 12th Street and Delaware Avenue. The Wilmington trolley fare would also be decreased from $1.15 to $1.00.

For their centennial project, The Wilmington Rotary Club looks to enhance Fletcher Brown Park by building a new amphitheater, multi-use recreation and environmental education area and new entrance points.

"Each of these improvements indicate that downtown Wilmington continues to move in a positive and progressive direction. Downtown is the heartbeat of our City, and that's why it is important for us to work closely with members of the business community to ensure downtown continues to thrive," said Mayor Williams.

Other speakers who participated in Downtown Vision's meet-and-greet included Martin Hageman, Executive Director of Downtown Visions; Christine Dunning, Chief of Police; Pete Booker, Wilmington Rotary Club Member and CEO of Delmarva Broadcasting; Scott Johnson, Partner at McConnell Johnson Real Estate; David Dooley, Service Development Planner at Delaware Transit Corporation; and Julie Theyerl, spokeswoman of Delaware Transit Corporation.