City of Wilmington Allocates State Grant Funds to Implement ShotSpotter

Posted on  02/19/2014 6:49 pm

Tomorrow, the Williams Administration will present the ShotSpotter Gunfire Tracking System before Wilmington City Council, in an effort to bring modern, policing technology to the City of Wilmington. The contemporary ShotSpotter system provides detailed information about gunfire incidents seconds after shots are fired, and will effectively assist the Wilmington Police Department with shooting investigations and potentially lead to more arrests.

The ShotSpotter system provides real-time information about gunfire and explosions, which enables a more effective response to gun violence and gives police a more complete picture of crime. As a result, officers will better be able to protect and serve their communities. Specifically, ShotSpotter offers immediate alerts, even when no one calls 911; precise location of where shots were fired; the exact time and number of rounds fired; and the shooter's position, speed and direction of travel.

"Years ago, while serving as a legislator for the First District, I took a delegation of Wilmington elected officials to Washington D.C. to review the ShotSpotter Tracking System and understand how their police department implemented the technology," said Mayor Dennis P. Williams. "I am pleased Councilman Mike Brown, Councilman Darius Brown and the Public Safety Committee agree that this cutting-edge technology will lead to more effective policing and, hopefully, a reduction in gun violence. With Council's support, my Administration looks to bring ShotSpotter to the City of Wilmington, as this will serve as another method for how we look to aggressively combat crime."

The Wilmington Police Department presented before City Council's Public Safety Committee, where the committee reviewed the ShotSpotter ordinance and voted to send Ordinance 14-004 to full Council for consideration in tomorrow night's council meeting.

The City of Wilmington looks to enter into a three-year $415,000 contract to implement the ShotSpotter technology in the City of Wilmington. The City has allocated various Federal, State and City funds to fund ShotSpotter.

"My Administration is focused and committed to building strong neighborhoods, and to do that we need the best, state-of-the-art technology to support us in these efforts. This technology will allow the police to have access to real-time information to safely and quickly respond to gun violence," said Mayor Williams. "I appreciate Council's support of the City's effort to bring ShotSpotter to Wilmington, and hope to continue to collaborate and share ideas on how to make Wilmington a thriving city."