City of Wilmington Hosts 4th Annual Community Project Day

Posted on  04/28/2014 1:32 pm

View photos of the day's activities at the end of the press release.


On Saturday, April 26, 2014, the City of Wilmington hosted its 4th Annual Community Project Day, where almost 1,000 community volunteers helped clean and beautify the City.

More than 70 groups, which included civic associations, businesses, community centers, churches and schools worked to enhance their communities with block clean ups, landscaping projects, garden initiatives, and educational outreach projects.

“Community Project Day is an opportunity for people to come together from across the City to help clean areas that may have been neglected and improve our neighborhoods. It also allows communities to engage and collaborate in a manner that encourages continued partnerships and strengthened neighborhoods,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams.

Community Project Day featured a variety of projects and cleanup efforts. Specifically, the Second District Neighborhood Planning Council purchased 100 CFL bulbs for each civic association in the District, and civic association members targeted blocks that were noticeably darker than others in the neighborhood. Neighbors inserted the new light bulbs on their porches and will be encouraged to keep their porch lights burning every night this year.

In partnership with ‘Comcast Cares Day,’ more than 300 volunteers from Comcast volunteered at the William Hicks Anderson Community Center, Warner Elementary School and Shortlidge Academy to complete a list of minor improvements, repairs and a beautification “wish list.” The volunteers helped paint, clean and landscape at all three locations throughout the City.

Public Allies commemorated their 20 years of impact by participating in this year’s Community Project Day and partnering with Interfaith Housing, the West Center City community and Councilman Nnamdi Chukwuocha to perform a variety of cleanup efforts throughout West Center City.

“I would like to thank the Planning Department for coordinating this year’s Community Project Day and all of the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to a day of community service,” said Mayor Williams. “Without their efforts Community Project Day would not be possible, and our neighborhoods and communities would not look as wonderful as they do now.”

The City concluded Community Project Day with the traditional community barbeque held at Peter Spencer Plaza in downtown Wilmington.