Mayor Williams Appoints Alfonso Ballard as Commissioner of the Department of Public Works

Posted on  05/10/2013 2:31 pm

Mayor Dennis P. Williams appoints Alfonso Ballard as the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works.

Ballard’s appointment as the Commissioner will bring valuable experience to the department as he has worked in Public Works for 8 years. Ballard’s expertise will streamline operations that will benefit the City of Wilmington and the region.

“Al has a proven track record of managing operations and I am confident he will be an asset in implementing the needed infrastructure and operational improvements to our Public Works Department,” said Mayor Williams.

While working in Public Works, Ballard oversaw the operations of sanitation, streets and sewer, snow removal, street cleaning and building services. He also played a critical role in the implementation of the City’s first single stream recycling program, which began in the summer of 2006.

Ballard is currently working on the commercial refuge program, which will be a revenue generating initiative; and the citywide implementation of the City Waste WISE program, which includes distribution of gray refuse carts and streamlines the collection process and saves money.

“I am honored to have been appointed, and look forward to working with the administration and bringing many more, new initiatives to this great City which will benefit our citizens,” said Commissioner Ballard.

Ballard’s appointment as Commissioner was effective Monday, May 6, 2013.