City Council's Finance Committee Revises a FY 2014 Budget Amendment; Council Will Vote Thursday on a Budget Amendment that Totals $98,000 Instead of $487,000

Posted on  06/24/2013 5:18 pm

Wilmington City Council’s Finance Committee met this afternoon and trimmed nearly $400,000 from an FY 2014 budget amendment that was introduced last Thursday.  The Committee voted to send only two of the four sections of the amendment to the full Council for a vote on Thursday night.

The two portions of the budget amendment that were approved and sent to Council for a vote will add only $98,000 to the FY 2014 budget that was originally approved by Council in May for a revised total General Operating Budget of $145.2 million. The committee set aside another $389,000 in appropriations which would have brought the budget total to $145.6 million.

The appropriations approved today in committee are:

  • $80,000 in additional funding to the Finance Department’s budget for hiring more temporary workers to collect revenue. Council President Gregory said last week that even though Council approved a balanced budget, Council was agreeable to taking this action after discussions with Fred Sears, Chairman of the Wilmington Economic and Financial Advisory Council (WEFAC). Sears advised Council, based on Administration claims, that the additional employees would help to sustain the City’s original FY 2014 revenue projections; and $18,000 to the City Planning Department to enable the Department to hire a temporary American with Disabilities (ADA) staff person.

The additional appropriations set-aside today in committee are:

  • The restoration of $300,000 to the Mayor’s Office contingency budget and the restoration of $89,000 to the Human Resources Department to fund a position that would help manage City employee work hours and work practices.

Council President Gregory said today that Council will examine the budget additions that were set aside today for consideration at a later date.

“City Council has continually been rejected by the Williams Administration at every turn as far as having an open dialogue about governing this City,” Gregory said. “Even though Council is in the strange position of not being able to discuss government issues with the Administration, Council has and will continue to approach its job with professionalism, class and dignity and will continue to adhere to the principles of fiscal integrity and leadership. We want to work cooperatively with the Administration and will continue to make every effort to do so in spite of the Administration’s current demeanor.”