Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation (CAPER)

The City of Wilmington's Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) is a consolidated reporting document covering local programs and services funded by federal entitlement programs and serves to identify progress on goals and objectives identified in the Five Year Consolidated Plan.

The CAPER is also an assessment of how the City of Wilmington met other HUD requirements such as affirmatively furthering fair housing, reducing the problem of lead paint, progress of the housing authority, reduction of barriers to affordable housing, institutional structure, progress on the continuum of care for the homeless, monitoring and compliance functions, and citizen participation requirements.

The report provides a summary and detailed reports on the use of funds pertaining to the sources of funds allocated to the City of Wilmington. In addition, the report includes funds that may have been carried over from the previous fiscal year.

Read the FY2015 CAPER

This is the fifth report on the Five Year Consolidated Plan, which covers FY2011-­FY2015 (FFY2010-2014).

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