Department of Parks and Recreation

James Lane, Director

City youth enjoy a day in the park. City youth enjoy a day in the park.

The Department of Parks and Recreation provides comprehensive programming that

  1. supports the holistic wellness of City residents; and
  2. provides recreational, social, cultural, vocational and educational opportunities for City residents regardless of age or physical abilities. The department also maintains the lands and facilities under its management to ensure the continuation of attractive park land through effective management.

The implementing programs, the department tries to place events throughout the entire City in order to give all citizens the opportunity to participate.

It is also the department's goal to provide competitive and non-competitive programs that encourage and enhance the spirit of leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Department of Parks and Recreation
City of Wilmington Municipal Services Complex
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Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone: (302) 576-3810

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Parks Maintenance: (302) 576-3820

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