APRIL 19, 2012

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As a public service to the community, Wilmington City Council provides links to ordinances and resolutions presented at each City Council meeting.

Hanifa G.N. Shabazz: 4th District

3652 Ordinance 12-020 Amend Chapters 3 and 13 of the Wilmington City Code to Modify the Appellate Procedure for Civil Penalties Relating to the Removal of Fecal Matter, Health and Sanitation, and the Storage and Disposal of Garbage and Rubbish Codified

Loretta Walsh: At-Large

3663 Resolution 12-032 Approving the Wilmington Police Department's Acceptance of Two (2) Delaware Criminal Justice Council (C.J.C) Grants for a Safe Neighborhood Bicycle Program and for a Warrant Execution Team Targeting Violent Offenders Adopted


All Council Recognize Fair Housing Month
Brown Sympathy Mary R. Nelson
Brown Sympathy Juanita D. Tate
Martelli Recognize Delaware Center for Horticulture for observance of Arbor Day
Shabazz Recognize Delaware Elite
Shabazz Welcome The Imperial Grand Council Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North and South America, Inc.
Shabazz/Potter Sympathy Vernell Proctor, Sr.
Shabazz/Potter Sympathy Clifton “Gator” Lewis
Wright Recognize Stan Waterman