OCTOBER 20, 2011

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As a public service to the community, Wilmington City Council provides links to ordinances and resolutions presented at each City Council meeting.

Hanifa G.N. Shabazz: 4th District

3383 Ordinance 10-045 Authorize and Approve Agreement with Building Systems & Services, Inc. for HVAC Units at the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center Enacted but not codified
3535 Ordinance 11-025 Constituting Amendment No. 2 to the Fiscal Year 2012 Operating Budget (Being an Ordinance to Amend Substitute No. 1 to Ordinance No. 11-016), the Ordinance Adopting the Annual Operating Budget for the Fiscal Year Beginning on July 1, 2011 and Ending on June 30, 2012 (Position Allocation List to Add Sergeant to Downtown Business District) Withdrawn

Samuel Prado: 5th District (Mr. Kelley presented on behalf of Mr. Prado.)

3585 Ordinance 11-052 Enact Certain Traffic/Parking Regulations Throughout the City Referred to Committee

Paul F. Ignudo, Jr.: 7th District

3586 Resolution 11-066 Approving the Acceptance of Two Grants and the Use of State Grant Funds Received by the City from the State of Delaware Department of Agriculture for the Urban Forestry Program Adopted

Charles M. "Bud" Freel: At-Large

3582 Ordinance 11-049 Authorize the Issuance of the City’s General Obligation Bonds, Series of 2011, in One or More Series on a Tax-Exempt and/or Taxable Basis, in Order to Provide the Funds to Finance Various Capital Projects of the City Specified in the City’s Capital Budget for its Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2012, to Refund or Fund Certain General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes or Loans of the City and Rock Manor Golf Course Corporation and to Refund any other Outstanding General Obligation Bonds of the City; Providing for the Sale of the Bonds; and Authorizing Other Necessary Action Enacted but not codified
Rev. 1
Sub 1
Ordinance 11-050
Amend Chapter 45 of the City Code to Establish the Wilmington Water, Sewer and Storm Water Citizens Advisory Board Enacted but not codified
3584 Ordinance 11-051 Amend Fiscal Year 2012 Position Allocations List in Order to Change the Title of a Position in the Department of Public Works Enacted but not codified


All Council Sympathy Edward Loper, Sr.
Brown Sympathy Simone Stephanie Robinson
Freel Recognize November 2011 as "Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month"