I.        Types of Services Required

In accordance with the Common Rule (24 CFR Part 85.36) which establishes standards for the procurement of property and services involving the expenditure of federal funds, the City of Wilmington, Delaware hereby requests proposals from qualified individuals and firms for the provision of professional housing and community development consulting services.

The City of Wilmington, Delaware anticipates selecting a Housing and Community Development consultant to assist the City with the following activities: 

A.      Preparation of Five-Year Consolidated Plan (for the Period of FY 2016-2020)

Assist the City in preparing its Five-Year Consolidated Plan for submission to HUD on or before May14, 2015. This includes all aspects of citizen participation, preparation of a housing and homeless needs assessment, housing market analysis, and a five-year strategic plan which develops goals and objectives to address identified need, to completion of a final document for submission which meets all statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Five-Year Consolidated Plan must be prepared in the required HUD eCon Planning Suite for IDIS.

B.       Preparation of Annual Action Plan for FY 2016

Assist the City in preparing its Annual Action Plan for FY 2016 for its CDBG, HOME, HOPWA and ESG Programs for submission to HUD.  This includes all aspects of citizen participation; preparation of HUD required forms (i.e. SF 424, Certifications, Project Sheets, etc.) and submission in the eCon Planning Suite for IDIS as required by HUD.

The City intends to select an offeror or offerors which it deems best qualified in its judgment to provide these services.  The City will then negotiate with such offeror to determine the fee for each requested service. 

II.       Information and Data Required of Each Offeror

All proposers are required to submit an original and two (2) copies of their proposal to by 4:00 p.m., prevailing time on Thursday, August 28, 2014 to:

Vaughn Watson, City of Wilmington, Department of Real Estate and Housing, 800 French Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, (302) 576-3000,

Such proposal shall contain responses to the following:

A.    Qualifications of the Proposer to Conduct the Required Services: Provide a brief background and a description of areas of expertise.

B.     Proposed Scope of Services: Provide a suggested Scope of Services that reflects the regulatory and programmatic requirements to prepare the City’s Five-Year Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan using eCon Planning Suite in IDIS Online.

C.     Qualifications, Experience and Time Commitments of Proposed Technical Staff

1.      Demonstrate the experience of the Proposer in conducting efforts of the nature and scope required by this Request for Proposal.  Identify the HUD Entitlement Communities that you have assisted over the past five years.  Indicate the number of HUD-approved CPs that your firm has prepared over the past five years.  Highlight experience with Consolidated Plans and other HUD CPD work.          

2.      Identify the Project Manager and other key personnel to be assigned to render the services required and submit resumes of their educational and professional backgrounds.

3.      Set forth the estimated level of effort, in terms of time commitment, to be provided by the specifically identified key personnel to be assigned to this assignment.

D.    Client References: Provide the names, phone numbers and email addresses of at least three client references for which comparable work was performed within the past five years.

E.     Basis for Compensation: Provide a lump sum, not-to-exceed amount to carry out the proposed Scope of Services, and the number of hours by assigned personnel upon which the total budget is based.

F.     Proposed Schedule for Completion: Provide a schedule that demonstrates the Proposer’s capacity to meet major milestones including the following:

Draft CP delivered to City:

Final Draft delivered to City:

Submission to HUD:

III.        Factors and Award

The City will evaluate each written proposal and determine whether oral discussion of the offer is necessary.  Based on the content of the written proposal and oral discussion, if any, points will be assigned for each segment of the proposal in accordance with the criteria hereinafter set forth.  The Proposer with the highest total points will be selected and an individual contract will be negotiated by the City.  The points to be awarded are set forth for each major segment and sub-segment below:

            A.     Method for Providing the Requested Services: 25 pts

                    1.      Adequacy of the Scope of Services for Five Year CP and Annual Plan

  B.     Qualifications, Experience and Time Commitments of Proposed Technical Staff: 50 pts

1.      Demonstrated experience in HUD entitlement communities and success with Housing Programs and Consolidated Planning

 2.      Demonstrated ability of specifically-named key personnel to carry out proposed assignments

 3.      The adequacy of the proposed level of effort in terms of time commitment of key personnel

   C.     Proposer’s Stability: 10 pts

 1.      Demonstrate the stability and continuity of both staff and management

   D.    Compensation: 15 pts

Contact Real Estate and Housing

Mailing Address

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Wilmington DE 19801

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