Hydrant Testing

The City of Wilmington DPW is conducting fire hydrant flow testing and water system evaluations that includes the operation of water gate and hydrants at various locations in and around the City.

The DPW will conduct hydrant tests in the following area(s) the week of June 24:

The fire hydrant flow testing may cause discoloration of water. In the event you experience discolored water, run the spigot(s) for 20 to 30 minutes.

Contact the Public Works Call Center at 576-3878:

  • if rusty water persists;
  • if rusty water appears in your washing machine during a laundry cycle; or
  • in the event of low pressure.

The DPW has enlisted Wachs Water Services to integrate utility information into the City’s existing asset management system and design and plan a fire hydrant flow testing program. This program is anticipated to serve four primary purposes:

  1. Locate, assess, test, GPS map and document information on the valves and hydrants in the water distribution system through hands-on field activities.
  2. Integrate the collected information into the City of Wilmington’s CityWorks Asset Management System and provide data processing services to link to the City of Wilmington’s GIS System so as to provide a fully functional system to collect, maintain and analyze water component data.
  3. Generate work orders utilizing CityWorks to identify those assets that require repair and provide an estimate of the time, materials, manpower and costs associated with making those repairs. All repairs are to be made under by City maintenance field crews.
  4. Using information gathered to install colored bands on fire hydrants communicating procedurally with fire departments the necessary steps to most expeditiously fight fires in the City of Wilmington.

The City of Wilmington is dedicated to providing clean water to its customers and this comprehensive evaluation of the City’s distribution system is one step toward a more effective and safe water system.

A component of fire hydrant flow testing is flushing the water mains. This allows the City of Wilmington to maintain water quality in addition to protecting public health, and ensuring adequate water pressure in the pipelines.

No disruption of water service is expected during flushing and flow testing. But some consumers may experience temporary discoloration of their water.

If residents experience any change in water quality after this flushing or have questions about the programs, they should contact the Public Works Call Center at 576-3878.

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