City Council Mourns the Passing of Father Roberto Balducelli

Posted on  08/11/2013 10:30 am

Wilmington City Council President Gregory issued the following statement yesterday on behalf of all of City Council on the passing Friday night of Father Roberto Balducelli who served a pastor of St. Anthony's Parish from 1959 through 1988 and was still active in the Wilmington community at the age of 99. Yesterday was Father Balducelli's birthday.

"Our hearts are saddened by the passing of Father Roberto Balducelli. Father Roberto was a spiritual leader and a father figure for generations of Wilmingtonians. We are very grateful that he was an essential part of our community for decades. Father Roberto was responsible for institutions such as St. Anthony's Parish, St. Anthony's in the Hills, Padua Academy and the Antonian which help nurture the hearts, minds and souls of young and old alike. He was known as a humble man, yet was forceful when it came to his faith, his church and his community. City Council extends condolences to Father Roberto's family, his Oblate family and to the thousands of people who knew him as a friend, a mentor and as a person of faith."