Mayor Williams Hosts First Ministerial Advisory Council Meeting

Posted on  02/28/2014 10:39 am

Photo of Ministerial Advisory Council Meeting

On Wednesday, February 26th, Mayor Dennis P. Williams hosted the first meeting of the Mayor’s Ministerial Advisory Council, which convened 20 religious leaders from various local neighborhoods and communities throughout the City of Wilmington.

“The City of Wilmington thrives when there is engagement, participation and activism from all the stakeholders within our community. As we look to move the City forward, it is important for all of us to work together,” said Mayor Williams. “This group of religious leaders, who have a close connection to their respective communities, will bring a different perspective and insight to the table and help the City build a bridge to the people of those neighborhoods.”

Religious leaders, like Reverend Terrance Keeling, are taking active roles in their communities. Reverend Keeling helped spearhead, 10 community organizations coming together and signing a Memorandum of Understanding, which created an Eastside Collaborative focused on restoring prosperity to neighborhoods and communities bounded by 4th Street to 11th Street and Church Street to Walnut Street. The Ministerial Advisory Council looks to work with religious leaders like Keeling, who are valued, positive stakeholders working for the betterment of communities in the City of Wilmington.

“As we look to create opportunities for workforce training, economic development and housing stabilization, it is important for us to work together,” said Mayor Williams. “Hopefully the Ministerial Advisory Council will create an opportunity for different religious leaders to come together and work to achieve common goals and help uplift a community.”

The Ministerial Advisory Council will meet quarterly. For more information, please contact the Office of the Mayor at (302) 576-2100.