New Tree Resources Available for Wilmington Residents

Posted on  01/24/2013 10:00 am

Wendy Scott, TheDCH Public Relations & Policy Advisor
(302) 658-6262 ext. 104

(Wilmington, DE) – A variety of resources to help people plant and take care of trees in Wilmington is now available. The Delaware Center for Horticulture (TheDCH), the City of Wilmington and the Wilmington Tree Commission (WTC) are working together to promote these resources and educate residents about our urban forest.

Many homeowners and business owners don’t realize they need a permit from the City to plant, remove or prune trees in front of their property between the sidewalk and the curb. These “street trees” in Wilmington are a special case because they are a shared community resource, as specified in the City’s vegetation ordinance. The maintenance of the area between the sidewalk and curb is the responsibility of the property owner, but it is also a public right-of-way under jurisdiction of the City. Street tree permits are free and generally take about two weeks to process. A permit is not required for trees fully on private property.

A new section about Wilmington’s trees on the City’s website is the best place to start with any questions relating to trees: These webpages include information such as the City’s tree regulations, how to submit a street tree permit, a list of recommended species of street trees for our region, and phone numbers to call.
In addition, Wilmington now has a professional arborist on staff and she is available to assist with any questions about trees in Wilmington or the City’s tree regulations. Call Mandy Tolino, Urban Forest Administrator, at (302) 576-2582.

The recent overhaul of Wilmington’s vegetation ordinance specified the establishment of an official urban forestry advisory board. The Wilmington Tree Commission, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, is now in place and fully functioning. Members of WTC include trained arborists, representatives from TheDCH and the City Parks Department, and community residents. Their role is to advise the City on urban forest policy, hear appeals relating to tree permits, and raise public awareness about urban forest issues.

Upcoming tree-related activities and other tree resources:

  • Public Meeting to review Wilmington’s proposed urban forest management plan
    Tuesday, February 12, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at Delaware Center for Horticulture
    1810 N. Dupont St., Wilmington, 19806

    Wilmington is in the process of creating the City’s first urban management plan. Anyone who lives or works in the City of Wilmington is invited to attend this meeting to review the draft plan and provide input. The purpose of the plan is to set goals for Wilmington’s urban forest, including policies and maintenance requirements. This meeting will be professionally facilitated by an independent company.
  • Best Trees for Urban & Suburban Locations – educational lecture
    January 29, 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at TheDCH $10/person (FREE for Certified Tree Stewards)

    Learn why certain trees are popular in our region yet many excellent varieties are overlooked. An ISA Certified Arborist will discuss the many factors to consider when choosing a tree and help you decide on appropriate species for your location.
  • Bare Root Trees at TheDCH – spring sale
    Deadline for pre-order: February 15

    TheDCH is the only retail source in the State that sells bare root trees. This sale is NOT a fundraiser for the organization, however, but a strategy to offer high-quality trees that are affordable and easy to plant. Ten varieties of trees that thrive in our region’s towns and cities are available. Pre-paid orders are due by Feb 15, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Trees can be picked up at TheDCH headquarters in Trolley Square on March 20 & 21. To learn more about what’s special about bare root trees, and to see a list of trees and descriptions, visit
  • Tree Steward Certification Training
    Saturday, March 9, 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at TheDCH

    $10/person (Scholarships available upon request)
    Learn about the environmental, economic and social benefits of trees. The curriculum includes basics about tree biology and how to choose varieties that are best for towns and cities in Delaware. Tree care will be covered, including proper planting, watering and pruning. The class will also discuss strategies for addressing tree problems and local urban vegetation regulations. Certified Tree Stewards will be empowered to organize tree planting projects in their communities and be the first to be informed about tree resources and funding opportunities. Morning snacks and lunch will be provided. Receive a free hand tool when training is completed.