Four Officers From The Wilmington Police Department Get Promoted

Posted on  01/31/2013 4:05 pm

(Wilmington, DE) – Chief of Police Christine Dunning promotes four police officers within the Wilmington Police Department to the ranks of Inspector, Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant.

With the latest promotions, Chief Dunning has elevated a total of 15 officers to higher ranks, 10 of which are in senior leadership positions.

“In order to create positive change in fighting crime, it’s necessary to have the right leadership,” said Mayor Williams. “Instating new leadership will help rebuild and nurture the relationship between the community and the Wilmington Police Department.”
As these officers have served on the Wilmington Police Department for several years, they maintain close relationships with the various communities in the City of Wilmington and will be able to utilize their diverse backgrounds to bridge the gap between the neighborhoods and the Wilmington Police Department.

The promotions include:

  • Inspector Bobby Cummings – was previously serving as a Captain.
  • Captain Matthew Kurten – was previously serving as a Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenant Amy Rausch – was previously serving as a Master Sergeant.
  • Sergeant Mitchell Rentz – was previously serving as a Master Corporal.

*All of the promotions will be officially recognized with a ceremony that will be held in late February.