Mayor Williams Joins National Bipartisan Coalition of Mayors Committed to Ending Gun Violence Across America

Posted on  02/01/2013 11:05 am

(Wilmington, DE) – In an effort to combat the senseless gun violence that claims 33 American lives every day, Mayor Williams has joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the national bipartisan coalition of more than 825 mayors.  These leaders are committed to protecting their communities by keeping illegal guns and military-style weapons off their streets and out of their schools.

Since the horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, more than 125 new mayors have joined the coalition’s bipartisan ranks.  The coalition also has more than 1 million grassroots supporters, making it the largest gun violence prevention advocacy organization in the country.

Members include Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in big cities and small towns.  While their backgrounds may differ, on the issue of gun violence, they speak with one voice – united for the sake of public safety.

“With the tragic shooting in Newtown and the shooting that took place at a middle school in Atlanta, we must take proactive steps to fight gun violence in our City and nationwide,” said Mayor Williams.

Mayor Williams is also urging colleagues, constituents, and violence prevention advocates to sign the petition at, where the coalition has also launched an online video campaign featuring testimonials from gun violence survivors and family members of victims.