Kash Srinivasan Retires as the Commissioner of Public Works

Posted on  02/08/2013 11:46 am

After 34 years of dedicated service and hard work, Kash Srinivasan will retire as the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, effective Friday, February 22, 2013.

Kash joined the City of Wilmington in 1979, where he served as a staff engineer at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. He became plant manager in 1981, and was named Director of the Water Division. In 1997, Kash was appointed Commissioner of Public Works by Mayor James H. Sills and reappointed by Mayor James M. Baker in 2001.

Some of Kash’s major initiatives during his tenure include:

  • Partnered with a major ESCO to develop and manage the execution of comprehensive energy efficiency and operational strategies delivering annual cost savings of $1 million and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions from City operations.
  • Helped create a financially and operationally successful long-term partnership with Veolia Water to manage staff and maintain the City’s regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. This partnership is profiled in “Privatization of Wilmington, Delaware’s Wastewater System” in America’s Water and Wastewater Industries: Competition and Privatization, P. Seidenstat, M. Nadol, S. Hakim (Editors), Public Utilities Reports, Inc., 2000.
  • Established the State’s first Stormwater Utility which created an equitable way to recover the City’s stormwater management costs from property owners and positioned the City of Wilmington as a national leader on this issue.

To ensure a smooth transition, Al Ballard, the Operations Director for Public Works, will be appointed Acting Commissioner effective Friday, February 22. Since Monday, February 4, Sid Sharma has been serving as the Acting Deputy Commissioner.