City Council Announces Results of Recent Recycling Event

Posted on  03/11/2013 2:36 pm

Wilmington City Council Member Charles “Bud” Freel (D-8th District) said today that the hazardous waste, electronic goods and paper collection/recycling event held on the Wilmington Riverfront on Saturday, March 2 was a great success. The Council Member thanked the hundreds of citizens from around the State who attended the event and chose to recycle materials that would have otherwise ended up in the local landfill or could possibly have been deposited in the trash, on the side of roadways or in local waterways.

Freel said the City of Wilmington and his colleagues on Wilmington City Council are proud to partner each year with the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) in staging two recycling collection events in Wilmington that are supported by a host of citizen volunteers and organizations such as the United Way of Delaware. Freel said the events have become more and more popular each year and help to drive home the point that we all have the responsibility to properly dispose of hazardous or other materials that could harm our families and the environment.

According to information provided by the DSWA and other event vendors, increasing numbers of Wilmingtonians and Delawareans are picking up the recycling habit.

Collection totals from March 2 are:

  • 800+ vehicles drove through the disposal site drop-off stations
  • 33,400 pounds of hazardous waste were deposited
  • 29,387 pounds of electronic goods were deposited
  • 10.2 tons of paper were shredded

Freel said the next recycling collection event will be held on Saturday, October 5, 2013. He urged citizens to mark their calendar now and make plans to attend the event this fall.

Information about additional recycling and collection events that are held around the State throughout the year can be found by visiting the Delaware Solid Waste Authority website at