Mayor Williams Calls for Forensic Audit of Targeted City Operations

Posted on  03/25/2013 10:22 am

After a briefing on the progress of preliminary work performed by the Audit Department, Mayor Dennis P. Williams tasked the City Auditor, Earl Jeter, CPA, with conducting a forensic audit of targeted City operations.

Over the past several weeks, Jeter conducted citywide interviews with department heads and division directors to perform a risk assessment of the City’s financial climate. Jeter discovered discrepancies in specific departments, which prompted Mayor Williams to call for further investigation.

“There were circumstances relating to vendors, city purchases, time and attendance, which warranted the need for thorough auditing procedures that include forensic,” said Jeter. “We will conduct internal audits with proactive fraud examination components that will likely include outside forensic auditors and the City of Wilmington Law Department.”

“Public servants and elected officials have the responsibility to uphold the public trust,” Williams said.  “I have zero tolerance for waste, fraud, misappropriation of funds, and any other acts that violate that trust.  This audit will go a long way in assuring that we are running not only a tight ship, but most importantly, a clean ship.”

The Audit Department is establishing a more robust Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline. Currently, citizens can call the hotline or report an issue of fraud online. In late spring, the Audit Department will allow the community to not only report fraud but to also submit ideas to help prevent it.

The hotline accepts calls from City employees and the public. The line is toll free and available for citizens to file reports 24 hours a day. The Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline is used to report:

  • Theft of City assets (ex. cash, equipment,  or supplies)
  • Record falsification
  • Payroll fraud or theft of time
  • Intentionally damaging city property
  • Abuse of use of City equipment or unauthorized use of City equipment
  • Kickbacks or bribery
  • Conflict of interest

If you are aware of any fraud, waste or abuse in the City of Wilmington please call 1-877-217-4670.