Fire Chief Voluntarily Returns City Issued Sidearm

Posted on  05/23/2013 4:59 pm

Chief of the Wilmington Fire Department, Anthony Goode, voluntarily opted to no longer carry a sidearm while on duty. Despite leading the charge on several high-profile code enforcement actions which included the shutdown of three clubhouses operated by the Thunderguard Motorcycle Club, Goode decided to no longer carry.

“Chief Goode and other public safety officials put themselves in dangerous situations to protect the public on a daily basis,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams. “While Wilmington policy only allows sworn personnel authorized by State law to carry weapons, the safety of Chief Goode and other public safety officials should be of the utmost importance.”

Chief Goode carried the firearm for a month as his code enforcement duties increased.

“I understand the inherent dangers associated with my position and the duties I am required to perform, and despite those challenges it is important to abide by City policy,” said Chief Goode. “As a leader, it is important to follow the rules. I do not want my actions to distract from the positive efforts of the Wilmington Fire Department.”

Goode has already turned in his City issued weapon.