Council Redistricting Plan

These maps are posted by the City Council to allow the public to view the City Council's adopted redistricting plan.

The plan changes the current district map by placing all of West Center City in the 5th district, with the exception of Trinity Vicinity which will be in the 4th District, as well as moving the southern boundary of the 5th district down to Lancaster Avenue between Madison Street and Union Street. The 4th District will also encompass the entire Riverfront and extend westward to I-95.

If you have any questions about these maps, please call Wilmington City Council at 576-2140.

Maps & Demographics

Adopted District 1 Enacted Redistricting Ordinance
Adopted District 2 Adopted Districts
Adopted District 3 Adopted Districts Demographics
Adopted District 4  
Adopted District 5  
Adopted District 6  
Adopted District 7  
Adopted District 8  

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