FY2016 State of the City

Mayor Dennis P. Williams delivered his State of the City Address and presented his proposed Fiscal Year 2016 General Operating Budget and the Water/Sewer Fund Budget before a meeting of Wilmington City Council on Thursday, March 19, 2015.

The FY2016 Operating Budget was approved by City Council on Thursday, May 21, 2016.

Read Mayor Williams' State of the City Address

Read the FY2016 Approved Budget Book

During the address, Mayor Williams highlighted the importance of the City and community stakeholders investing in the future of our young people. Mayor Williams’ speech read:

“Our neighborhood schools should be safe-havens for our children, so we should be willing to invest in their future.  We must invest resources to increase instructional time dedicated to reading readiness and math comprehension. In addition, we must assist in the implementation of comprehensive systems to monitor individual student progress.  We must also focus our efforts to helping parents play a more active role in their children’s academic experience so their child has a better chance in achieving their full potential.”

Mayor Williams also emphasized that his proposed budget maintains three guiding principles, which he hopes will lead to Wilmington becoming a thriving city where families prefer to live, educational opportunities for the youth are plentiful, communities are safe and businesses continue to invest.  

  • Build safe and strong neighborhoods.
  • Ensure the City sustains long-term fiscal stability.
  • Invest in key strategic initiatives addressing youth development, neighborhood development and economic development.

Mayor Williams’ speech also reflected on the shared sacrifice of all City Departments, as each department head cut their department’s budget, which led to a balanced budget without a tax increase or any rate increases. The speech states:

The Fiscal Year 2016 Budget reflects the broad and shared sacrifice of all departments to strengthen the City’s fiscal position and to ensure financial stability into the future without cutting essential services or programs…Despite the City having to absorb $2.26 million in uncontrollable cost increases, all the City Departments made a shared sacrifice to reduce expenditures. This allowed the overall increase to the budget to remain well below the rate of inflation…Let me repeat – this shared sacrifice of all City Departments allowed us to have a balanced budget without increasing any taxes or fees.”

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