FY2017 State of the City

Mayor Dennis P. Williams delivered his State of the City Address and presented his proposed Fiscal Year 2017 General Operating Budget and the Water/Sewer Fund Budget before a meeting of Wilmington City Council on Thursday, March 31, 2016.

The FY2017 Operating Budget was approved during a Special Session of Wilmington City Council on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

Read Mayor Williams' State of the City Address

Read the FY2017 Approved Budget Summary

During the address, Mayor Williams highlighted the economic growth which has occurred over the past three years in the City of Wilmington. Mayor Williams’ speech read:

“Since taking office, we have worked to maximize Wilmington's potential as an emerging place for businesses, job creation, strong neighborhoods and economic opportunity for everyone in our city. With over 53,000 people currently employed in the City of Wilmington, our city’s unemployment rate has dropped from a high of 9.7% in 2012 when I took office, to 6.0% today, a 3.7% drop. And our strongest industrial sector, the financial industry, which employs over 12,000 people, has nearly 2,000 more workers in Wilmington now than it did before the Great Recession.”

Mayor Williams discussed three guiding principles, which he hopes will continue Wilmington’s growth as a thriving city where families prefer to live, educational opportunities for our youth are abundant, communities are safe, and businesses continue to invest.  Throughout the speech, he emphasized the significance of:

  • Building safe and strong neighborhoods
  • Ensuring the City sustains long-term fiscal stability
  • Investing in key strategic initiatives addressing youth development, neighborhood development and economic development

Mayor Williams’ speech also reflected the importance of youth development, and how his Administration continues to demonstrate a commitment to the enrichment of Wilmington’s children.

Over the past three years, the Department of Parks and Recreation continued to increase the funding for the Summer Youth Employment program, which provides local youth with valuable work experiences. Through the Summer Youth Employment program, young people aged 14 to 20 years old learn about job readiness, customer service, financial literacy, and conflict resolution. In 2015, the number of youth participants rose to 570, compared to the 340 participants in the summer of 2012. We hope to have a record number of participants this summer…In addition to the Summer Youth Employment program, Parks and Recreation also supports the educational advancement of our youth by offering access to college tours, SAT prep courses, and college and career fairs.”

Mayor Williams’ State of the City address, also served as an opportunity to draw attention to the Administration’s effort to create a more effective and efficient City government.

It is not enough to simply go through the motions. We have a duty to deliver the highest-quality service to you, our customers, and we’ve been committed to exploring new ways to be more accessible, responsive and ‘customer-friendly’…Technology will be key to enhancing our ability and capacity to serve the citizens of Wilmington. Specifically, the Office of Information Technology is leading the charge to design a new, responsive website so city services become easily available on-the-go and across mobile devices. The Finance Department is ready to implement online bill payment software, so citizens will have the option to view and pay their water bill, property tax bill, parking tickets and permitting fees online, rather than having to pay in-person at the City/County Building.”

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