Subdivision Review

Download the Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land

Minor Subdivision

In-house review is conducted by Planning Department staff for the subdivision of sites that are not defined as major subdivisions (see below), providing the opportunity to evaluate the impact of a proposal on adjacent land uses, especially with regard to the flood plain and existing infrastructure (streets and sewer system). Review is initiated by Licenses and Inspections permit application or by direct application to the Planning Department. A Planning Department review is conducted through the use of a standard checklist/sign-off sheet. A fee of $50 is charged to process minor subdivisions.

Major Subdivision

Subdivision requests for sites that are:

  1. larger than 2.5 acres;
  2. include areas to be used as public streets or parks;
  3. located within a flood plain;
  4. surrounded on all sides by streets, watercourses, or public parkland; or
  5. involve a condominium

are referred to the City Planning Commission for review based on an analysis prepared by Planning. Subdivision materials must be submitted by the first of the month to be scheduled for that month's City Planning Commission meeting, which is held on the third Tuesday of each month. Approved subdivision plans are signed by the Director of Planning. The fee charged for processing major subdivisions varies based on the number of lots or units being proposed.

Contact Planning

Mailing Address:
Department of Planning and Development
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City Planning Commission:
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Design Review and Preservation Commission:
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Neigborhood Planning Councils:
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