South Wilmington Wetlands Project

The Administration will present Ordinance 13-025 at the August 29th Wilmington City Council Meeting for Council's review and approval.

Agenda #3842
Ordinance 13-025

Approve that Certain Agreement of Sale and Certain Contribution Agreement Whereby the City of Wilmington Agrees to Purchase the Finger-Gordon Property to Create the South Wilmington Wetlands

If approved, Council would be authorizing the City to proceed with the acquisition of the Finger-Gordon property in South Wilmington. The City would contribute $808,833 of the total $1.5 million purchase price to obtain approximately 20-acres of land which would become part of the planned South Wilmington Wetlands and Flood Mitigation Program.

Read an overview of the South Wilmington Wetlands Project as presented to Council by the Office of Economic Development.