Planning and Urban Design Intern Catalogues More Than 500 Publications in Department Library

Posted on  07/23/2013 10:18 am

Jason Bourke and Leah Kacanda

Jason Bourke, an intern from the University of Delaware studying Urban Affairs and Public Policy, works to catalogue more than 500 publications in the Department of Planning and Urban Design Library.

Under the direction of Leah Kacanda, Planning Technician, Bourke will catalogue and enter these vital, historical publications, studies and research documents into a searchable database.

“Jason has identified and organized plans and reports that span the entire history of official planning in Wilmington, ranging from the 1950s to today. The ability to search for these documents digitally will enable our Planners to better understand the history of planning in neighborhoods citywide,” said Kacanda. “Many of the past studies we have found are still relevant to challenges facing Wilmington today. These documents will inform future land use decisions and initiatives aimed at fostering community engagement.”

The cataloguing seeks to organize the Planning Department’s Library and Archives so publications and documents can be easily located and utilized by City employees and residents in order to meet the needs of our diverse citizenry.

Bourke is one of many student interns. The City of Wilmington seeks to provide students with valuable work experience. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about job readiness, customer service, and conflict resolution.

“Internships are critical to young people in our community because it develops student’s job interview skills, gives them a functional resumé, and enhances their abilities for their next employer,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams.

The Planning Library contains documents produced by the Planning Department as well as related planning publications. The Archive contains original records of the City Planning Commission and Design Review and Preservation Commission, as well as files relating to demolitions, urban renewal, and community development programs.