Mayor Williams and Councilmember Sherry Dorsey-Walker Walk Browntown with Community Leader

Posted on  09/10/2013 11:07 am

Browntown Walk with Community Leader

Mayor Dennis P. Williams walked through the Browntown community with Councilmember Sherry Dorsey-Walker; the Commissioner of Licenses & Inspections, Jeff Starkey; the Commissioner of Public Works, Cleon Cauley; Inspector Robert Cummings and the Director of Neighborhood Development, Ivey Ibrahim. The tour was led by Betty Anne Smith, a long-time resident of the Browntown community.

During the walk through, the Administration spoke with community residents, cited city code violations, called in abandoned cars, and assessed various vacant properties.

“Every street, block and neighborhood are important to the success and growth of our city,” said Mayor Williams. “We must continue to support our residents and community members by walking alongside them, listening to their concerns and creating solutions. I am pleased Councilwoman Sherry Dorsey-Walker and my Administration were able to work together and address some of the issues presented during our Browntown walk.”