Williams Administration Expresses Appreciation to Councilmember Hanifa Shabazz and Public Works and Transportation Committee for Considering Mayor's Smart Meter Initiative

Posted on  09/19/2013 9:41 pm

Yesterday, Mayor Dennis P. Williams thanks the Public Works and Transportation Committee for considering a Mayoral initiative to install 200 smart meters in downtown Wilmington. Ordinance 13-028 was discussed and voted out of committee for consideration by the full Council on October 3, 2013. Installation of the meters will begin on or before Monday, October 21st pending City Council approval. The installation of the smart meters will be an extension of Mayor Williams’ Wilmington RISE campaign, which seeks to make Wilmington Clean, Safe and Smart.

For the past five months, Mayor Williams and his Administration worked to develop innovative methods to address parking concerns in the City of Wilmington. A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued in May, and a panel comprised of officials from the Mayor’s Office, Finance and Public Works Departments, along with Councilmember Hanifa Shabazz, reviewed the four submissions.

“It was a natural fit to include the involvement of Councilmember Hanifa Shabazz in the review process, since her district includes downtown and the Riverfront, she serves as Chair of the Public Works and Transportation Committee and has been longtime advocate for the parking concerns of residents and visitors,” said Mayor Williams.

The installation of new smart meters will assist in making the City more visitor friendly as the meters will accept credit cards; potentially include Smartphone applications that alert customers when their time is expiring; allow customers to add time to their meter remotely, and are motion sensitive so when a car leaves the parking spot, the time resets to zero.

“For years, parking has been an issue for the City of Wilmington and has deterred people from visiting,” said Mayor Williams. “We must bring in new technology to ensure parking is convenient for all of our residents and visitors.”

The City will evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot program to determine whether meters will be installed citywide. Downtown Wilmington and the Riverfront were ideal for this pilot program due to the heavy concentration of visitors.

“I would like to Councilmember Shabazz for agreeing to sponsor for this Mayoral initiative, and I call on all members of City Council to support this legislation,” said Mayor Williams.