Mayor Williams and Chief Dunning Announce New Police Deployment Plan for Downtown Wilmington

Posted on  10/15/2013 5:45 pm

Photo of Mayor Williams at Deployment Press Conference

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, Mayor Dennis P. Williams addressed members of the business and downtown community in Wilmington during a press conference at Rodney Square, where he discussed the redeployment of Wilmington police officers into downtown and neighborhoods citywide.

Earlier this year, the Wilmington Police Department initiated a Police Plan, focused on creating a safe city by building strong neighborhoods. Downtown Wilmington is more than a business district, it is also a residential community where citizens live, work and play.

Downtown Wilmington is a community of rich history, a tourist and business attraction, hub of the City's cultural and entertainment offerings and is the face of the City of Wilmington.

"To restore our vibrant downtown community, the City must enforce laws against panhandling, loitering and disorderly conduct," said Mayor Williams. "However, this is one step of a long-term plan to address the many needs and concerns of downtown Wilmington."

During the press conference, both Mayor Williams and Chief Dunning acknowledged ensuring the safety of Downtown Wilmington requires a dual approach of enforcement and a collaborative effort to provide resources and services for individuals in need.

They also emphasized the importance of the State, City, nonprofit agencies and the business community creating partnerships to identify resources that will support working with social workers to evaluate specific needs of individuals, getting individuals into specific programs, and identifying service gaps.

"It is important for all of us to work together, identify ways to provide services and resources for those people in need. This is the long term approach to solving the problems in Downtown Wilmington," said Chief Dunning.