Wilmington Firefighters Respond to Natural Gas Leak and Sprinkler Pipe Leak

Posted on  01/30/2014 3:02 pm

Today, Wilmington firefighters responded to a report of a natural gas leak located in front of Evan G. Shortlidge Academy on the 100 block of West 18th Street.

Using metering devices, Fire Department personnel conducted a search of streets and homes within a four block radius of 100 block of West 18th Street. While no gas readings were recorded inside Shortlidge Academy or inside nearby homes, as a precautionary measure, the Wilmington Fire Department and Shortlidge Academy administrators evacuated the school children and relocated them to Warner Elementary School.

Delmarva Gas Division responded and assisted the Wilmington Fire Department in locating the natural gas leak. Delmarva Gas determined that the leak was located under the street in the 100 block of West 18th Street and posed no hazard to the surrounding residents and school. The 100 Block of West 18th Street remains closed to all traffic while Delmarva Gas makes repairs.

Following the gas leak, Wilmington firefighters were later dispatched to Warner Elementary School for an activated fire alarm system. This incident occurred while Warner Elementary School was housing the evacuated children and administrators from Shortlidge Academy.

Arriving Fire Department units determined that the alarm system was activated by the sprinkler system. Although, firefighters received a report of an odor of natural gas within n area of the school building, the Fire Department personnel conducted a search and found no readings of natural gas within the building.

The fire alarm system activation was found to be caused by a drop in water pressure in the sprinkler system due to a cracked pipe. No significant water damage was sustained and the system is being brought back online under the supervision of the Wilmington Fire Marshal’s Office.

The evacuated children from Shortlidge Academy l were returned to their school; and the evacuated Warner Elementary School students were returned to their classrooms.