DTV Safety Ambassador to be Presented Award for Lifesaving Actions

Posted on  03/04/2014 4:14 pm


  • 217 North Market Street, Downtown Safety Office, Wilmington, Delaware

Date of Occurrence:

  • Wednesday, March 5, 2014, at 3:00 p.m.


At training conducted jointly by the Wilmington Police Department and Downtown Visions, Interim Chief Bobby L. Cummings will present Safety Ambassador Stacy Gilbert with an award for her lifesaving actions in the fall of 2013.

On October 11, 2013, Downtown Visions Safety Ambassador Stacy Gilbert observed a female in distress on the Washington Street Bridge. The female was seated with one leg over the ledge and was actively attempting to jump off the bridge.

Ambassador Gilbert unhesitatingly grabbed the female and held on to prevent her from jumping. Additional Safety Ambassadors contacted the Wilmington Police for assistance.

Officer Sean Nolan arrived first on scene and observed the female attempting to break free from Ambassador Gilbert. He ran to the edge of the bridge and helped pull the female to safety.

Interim Chief Cummings will present Ambassador Gilbert with the department’s Distinguished Community Member Award, an award given to civilians who have acted with courage and at considerable personal risk to help another.

This incident illustrates another successful example of the cooperation between Downtown Visions and the Wilmington Department of Police.

The Wilmington Police Department and Downtown Visions have worked closely since Downtown Visions’ inception in 1994. Downtown Visions is the non-profit management company for Wilmington’s Downtown Business Improvement District. Downtown Visions’ Clean & Safe Ambassadors are on the streets of Downtown Wilmington, seven days a week. In addition, since 2001, Downtown Visions has monitored cameras both Downtown and in neighborhoods throughout Wilmington, alerting officers to crimes in progress and other emergency situations.