Council President Gregory Comments on Changes in Assignments Within the Williams Administration

Posted on  04/11/2014 10:16 am

Wilmington City Council President Theo Gregory has issued the following statement following Wednesday's announcement by Mayor Williams that he has appointed a Chief of Staff (Cleon Cauley), a Chief Strategy Officer (Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins), Commissioner of Public Works (Jeff Starkey) and Director of Planning (Lenny Sophrin):

“My thanks to Mayor Williams for communicating with me as Council President prior to the public announcement of the staff changes within his Administration. The Mayor and I both know that while these new assignments are of particular significance to his Administration and the daily management of City government, the individuals who serve in these positions also affect Council Members in their interaction with the Executive Branch, the values they hold as elected officials and their advocacy for their constituents. I congratulate the four individuals who will now be serving the Mayor and our citizens in new roles. It is important for the Mayor to bring together the strongest team possible to assist him with the daily work of the government as well as to support his vision for our City. I look forward to continuing a good working relationship with the Mayor and his entire team. Together, our decisions and actions can produce a more prosperous City by ensuring more prosperity for our citizens, our businesses and all of those who have a stake in our City’s future."