Mayor Williams Takes National Director of Cure Violence on Walk-through of Crime Hotspots in Wilmington

Posted on  04/24/2014 1:18 pm

Photo of Fire Chief Anthony Goode, Cure Violence Director Frank Perez, and Mayor Dennis P. Williams

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014, Mayor Dennis P. Williams and the National Director of Cure Violence, Frank Perez , joined by Department of Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Shawn Allen and City public safety officials, walked through crime hot spot areas throughout the City of Wilmington.

The Cure Violence model uses a three-prong approach to prevent violence: interrupt transmission, identify and change the thinking of highest potential transmitters and change group norms. Multiple evaluations have shown the successful impact of the Cure Violence model in reducing shootings, violent confrontations, and killings in multiple cities across the United States including: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Frank Perez has worked in crisis and violence intervention programs for more than 25 years. Prior to joining Cure Violence, Mr. Perez worked with Dr. Irving Spergel on the Crisis Reduction Intervention Services Program (CRISP), the Little Village Project, and the Comprehensive National Youth Gang Model.

“I appreciate Mr. Perez coming to our City and getting a firsthand perspective of the specific issues and challenges facing Wilmington,” said Mayor Williams. “We have to think of new strategies to address the crime and violence in the City, and I am committed to using a community based approach to fighting gun violence in the City of Wilmington. I believe that implementing the Cure Violence model can be successful in reducing violent crime.”

Beginning on the corner of 3rd and Clayton Streets, the walk-through focused on areas that experience violent crime. During the walk, Mayor Williams and Mr. Perez spoke with young children and adults in the neighborhood about the shootings and different causes of the violence within the community.

Mr. Perez explained, Wilmington has similar problems with violence, just like the other cities where they have implemented the Cure Violence model. There have been reductions in shootings and killings in those areas, and they are looking for the same results here.

Mayor Williams budgeted $100,000 towards the Cure Violence model in the proposed fiscal year 2015 budget, and looks to implement the program in various crime hotspots throughout the City of Wilmington, in an effort to reduce violent crime.