City Council Member Encourages City Residents to Attend Saturday's Fatherhood Pledge Against Violence Event

Posted on  06/25/2014 2:00 pm

Families and Individuals Will Gather in Historic Spencer Plaza on French Street to Take the Pledge and Urge an End to Violent Behavior

Wilmington City Council Member Hanifa Shabazz (D-4th District) continued her campaign against violence in Wilmington today by urging citizens to make a pledge against violence at a public rally on Saturday. Council Member Shabazz, who brought the Federal Centers for Disease Control to Wilmington because of her concerns about a pandemic of gun violence and homicides among young African American males, is now teaming with a group of religious leaders to ask citizens to take a pledge against violence.

The Interdenominational Ministers Action Council (IMAC), led by Reverend Silvester S. Beaman, Pastor of Bethel AME Church on North Walnut Street, will hold a “Fatherhood Pledge Against Violence” event on Saturday, June 28 beginning at 1 p.m. at Spencer Plaza on North French Street. Attendees will be asked to sign and uphold a pledge that is similar to a fatherhood pledge promoted throughout the United States recently by the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO) that coincided with Father’s Day.

“On any given day of the year, the chances are high that we’ll lose a young person to violence which will shatter a family and a neighborhood,” said Council Member Shabazz. “We are all hoping that the CDC will provide valuable recommendations and possible resources to help us end a proliferation of violence in our City and elsewhere. In the meantime, we are all bound to do everything we can, every day of the year to save our children and our City.”

Attendees at Saturday’s event will be asked to sign and support the following pledge:


I pledge to:

  1. Never commit, condone, or remain silent about domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and violence in our homes and communities.
  2. Educate myself and others to challenge attitudes that condone disrespectful behavior or degrading language.
  3. To take action to end all forms of violence with love, compassion and without judgment.
  4. To stand with courage, lead with conviction, and speak out to promote non-violence as the norm.
  5. To take action to end domestic violence and all forms of violence.
  6. To speak up and no longer stand as a silent bystander to violence and abuse in my community.
  7. To challenge men who use sexist language and make degrading jokes or comments about women.
  8. To confront attitudes in myself and other men that condone or encourage aggressive or abusive behavior.
  9. To examine my own attitudes and beliefs about violence, power, control and entitlement.
  10. To talk with boys and young men about healthy and equitable attitudes and relationships.
  11. To actively work to involve men in violence prevention.
  12. To befriend and mentor boys, teens and young men in my neighborhood about being positive and life contributing adult males.