Captain Marlyn Dietz Announces Retirement; Accepts Administrative Engineer Position with Public Works

Posted on  01/03/2013 2:05 pm

On Friday, January 4, at 2:00 p.m., Captain Marlyn Dietz will conclude 31 years of service with a walk out ceremony at Wilmington Police Headquarters.

Captain Marlyn Dietz began his career with the Wilmington Police Department in 1982 where he served as a patrol officer. Dietz went on to become a detective in the Vice unit in 1987. Promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 1989 he later became a Sergeant for the Office of Professional Standards. In November 1994 Dietz was promoted to Patrol Lieutenant and was later transferred to the Special Operations Division. Dietz received the honor of attending the prestigious FBI National Academy and graduated with the 192nd class in 1998.

That same year Dietz was promoted to Captain of the Uniformed Services Division. Dietz oversaw the Uniformed Services Division for five years before moving on to become the Captain of Communications Division. After serving five years as Captain of Communications, Dietz returned to the Uniformed Services Division where he supervised patrol, community policing, and the K9 unit.

Captain Maryln Dietz is married to retired Inspector Nancy Dietz who recently left the department upon her appointment as the Director of the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services (DYRS). Together they gave 64 years of service to the City of Wilmington. Marlyn and Nancy Dietz are both graduates of the FBI National Academy, a rare achievement for spouses in law enforcement.

Chief Michael Szczerba thanked Captain Marlyn Dietz for his 31 years of service, describing him as “A leader dedicated to the officers he served with and to the Wilmington community at large. The absence of his leadership style and assignment ownership will create an opportunity for the younger officers that he has mentored throughout his career.”

Dietz announced his retirement after accepting a position with the City of Wilmington Public Works as an Administrative Engineer and leaves with the pride that comes with a career of service, “I’m proud to have been a part of this brotherhood for over 30 years and am most proud to be able to walk out under Chief Szczerba.” Marlyn Dietz retires as the highest ranking Captain in the Wilmington Police Department.