Mayor's Office Gives Out Free Hugs & Coffee at the NCC Courthouse With Community Leaders

Posted on  02/14/2013 3:50 pm

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Today, the New Castle County Courthouse re-opened its doors to the public following Monday’s tragic shooting. Members of the Mayor’s Office with leaders in the community welcomed employees and guests with free coffee and hugs.

Spearheaded by Ken Grant and Will Minster of Downtown Visions, the Free Hugs and Coffee initiative sought to serve as a small act of kindness and compassion. It also shows what a community can accomplish when it comes together.

“This sort of warm and kind gesture is the first step in the healing process for our city,” said Mayor Williams.

Free Coffee and Hugs participants included: LOMA Coffee, Justin Barss, Ken Briscoe, Alexandra Coppadge, Ken Grant, Ava Graves, Rodney Jordan, Jeff Keith, Sean Lea, Em McKeever, Rachel Milano, Will Minster, and Matt Urban.