Mayor Williams Threatens Budget Veto; Says Budget Amendments Offered Yesterday are Unconstitutional and Threaten the Goals of the Administration

Posted on  05/16/2013 3:14 pm

Mayor Dennis P.  Williams said the City Council Finance Committee’s proposed amendments of his Fiscal Year 2014 budget did not reflect the needs of the City. Mayor Williams and his administration worked diligently to deliver a balanced budget with no increase in taxes, no layoffs, and no reduction in city services for the residents of Wilmington.

“The people of Wilmington need help, and I am charged by the people to deliver a solution,” said Mayor Williams. “Not increasing their taxes will put more than 4 million dollars in our tax payers’ pockets.”

Mayor Williams believes the Council Finance Committee is also overstepping its legislative boundaries by proposing to delete an appointed position within his cabinet.  Council proposed to delete the Deputy Director position in the Department of Parks and Recreation.

“Our youth are the future of this City.  If we are to address the need to reduce crime, it starts with our youth,” said Mayor Williams. “The current Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation, Shawn Allen, has a track record of success in creating programs targeting at risk youth and delivers a message of hope.”

After consultation with the City Solicitor, Mike Migliore, Mayor Williams believes that it is unconstitutional for Council to propose budget amendments that eliminate a position within his cabinet.

Mayor Williams is also concerned about the $250,000.00 which council is requesting for scholarships and programs without oversight.  

“I can agree with the need to fund programs and scholarships, but I would like to know what those programs are, as of today, we have yet to receive any details or clarification for Council’s proposed initiatives,” said Mayor Williams.

In response to Council’s request for funds, the administration suggested we allocate $15,000.00 to each City Councilperson for their individual district. This proposal was rejected by Council.

Mayor Williams presented a balanced budget with no increase in taxes, no layoffs, and no reduction in public safety or city services. He is confused as to why this budget is receiving such scrutiny and dialogue.

“It seems like Council is attempting to operate in the same manner as the previous administration, but It’s a New Day,” said Mayor Williams. “My administration will work hard to operate this city with ethics, integrity, and efficiency.”