Mayor Williams Calls for Special Meeting of City Council

Posted on  05/24/2013 6:31 pm

Friday, Mayor Dennis P. Williams notified Council President Theopalis K. Gregory, Sr. and the members of Council that in accordance with Sec 4-103 of the City Charter, he is exercising his right as Mayor to call a special meeting of Council. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 5pm in Council Chambers.

The City Charter allows the Mayor to call a special meeting when required by public necessity. The purpose of this special meeting is the introduction of an amended operating budget ordinance for consideration by Council, ensuring the maximum amount of time is available for passage of a balanced budget by the Charter mandated May 31st deadline.

Mayor Williams indicates the budget as passed by Council on May 16th is unbalanced and will not yield sufficient revenues to cover expenditures.

“While there is disagreement on some items in the budget we can’t lose sight of the critical need to provide police and fire protection, trash collection and safe parks for our kids,” said Mayor Williams.