In-Home Care Provider Parking Sticker

If you are an in-home health care provider, City law requires that you display an In-Home Care Provider parking sticker. The parking sticker only exempts you from limited-time parking, not from any other parking regulations.

In-Home Care Provider parking stickers are free and are renewed annually. Sticker expiration dates are clearly posted on the bottom of the stickers.

To apply for a sticker, the care provider must:

You may fax the signed application and supporting documents to (302) 571-4087, Attn: Parking Enforcement. Keep in mind that faxing the application may delay you receiving the sticker.

The parking sticker must be clearly displayed on the right side of your rear bumper. The vehicle to which the sticker will be applied must be owned or leased by the care provider. Any outstanding parking and/or red light violations must be paid before an in-home care provider parking sticker will be issued.

For more information about obtaining or renewing an in-home care provider parking sticker, please contact the Division of Revenue at (302) 571-4320 (select option #4 when you hear the recorded message) or call the Office of Constituent Services at (302) 576-2489.


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