Certified arborists plant a new tree in one of the City\'s public areas. Certified arborists plant a new tree in one of the City's public areas.

Urban Forestry Program Information Center

Numbers to Call

General Tree Questions:
(302) 576-3878

Street Tree Concerns:
(302) 576-3878

Park Tree Concerns:
(302) 576-3878

Private Property Tree Complaints:
(302) 576-3878

Trees and Power Lines:
Delmarva Power 1-800-375-7117

Tree Blocking Road During Business Hours:
(302) 576-3878

Tree Blocking Road After Business Hours:
Wilmington Police Department (302) 656-4357

Downloadable Documents

Download and fill out the Wilmington Tree Work Permit.

City Trees Work for Wilmington brochure

Recommended Urban Trees

How to Plant New Trees

How to Prune Mature Trees

Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction


Search for the location and condition of a City tree with TreeKeeper
Enter the username “public” and the password “public” to look up information about specific trees. Use Internet Explorer for best results.

Visit Trees Are Good for detailed tree care information.