The Departments of License and Inspection, Fire, Police and Health and Social Services Perform Joint Inspections and Shut Down Three Establishments

Posted on  08/09/2013 10:07 am

Joint Inpection

The Department of License and Inspection, in conjunction with the Department of Fire, Police and Health and Social Services, shut down three food establishments through coordinated code enforcement inspections performed in the City of Wilmington.

“Coordinated efforts such as this are important and necessary to protect Wilmington’s consumers,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams. “City codes, licensing and permitting measures are in place to help ensure that our residents, business community and visitors are safe when purchasing services from these establishments.”

The various Departments conducted joint inspections of all establishments that sell food on the West 4th Street corridor, in an effort to identify any code violations relating to building, housing, fire or health related issues.

As a result of the joint inspections, the 201 Concord Avenue Deli, Walnut Street Deli and Richardson Deli were all cited for various code violations and were ordered to shut down until all violations are corrected. The violations included: cleanliness issues, open asbestos, exposed food, electrical and mechanical issues, gas leak and various others.

“The joint inspections allowed the various departments to work effectively and collaboratively when determining and citing code violations,” said Jeff Starkey, Commissioner of the Department of License and Inspection. “Working together allows us to better serve the community, and ensure all establishments are abiding by the City and State codes.”

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