City of Wilmington Makes Call to Artists for the 2013 Fringe Wilmington Festival

Posted on  09/13/2013 4:44 pm

Fringe Wilmington 2013

The City of Wilmington will host the 2013 Fringe Wilmington Festival from October 30th - November 3rd. Fringe Wilmington is currently accepting applications from visual, performing and cinematic artists that will take you on a journey beyond the edge.

Fringe Wilmington is a presented by the Office of Mayor Dennis P. Williams and the division of Communications and Cultural Affairs. Fringe Wilmington is managed by a dynamic and active steering committee comprised of members that represent several arts organizations throughout the community. Fringe Wilmington is a juried Festival and the Artist Selection Committee is composed of local artistic directors, artists, actors, writers, and producers.

The Selection Committee makes recommendations based on a few key factors: Is this work that can typically be seen on other stages across the region? Is the proposed project able to be realized within the Fringe structure? How does the proposed project fulfill the goal of Fringe Wilmington to present diversity, creativity, innovation, inspiration, and passion? All artistic forms, genres and productions are accepted.

In previous years, improv, melodrama, comedy, dance, theatre of the absurd, and pieces that defy description have been presented during Fringe Wilmington. There are no specific requirements for a Fringe show, and the audience likes to be surprised.

The registration fee for artists ranges from $50 to $75 dollars per entry. Tickets to attend both the performance and cinema showings are $5.00 each with artists keeping 100% of all ticket sales.

Artists are asked to fill out an online application form available at submit the application by September 30th.

For additional information please contact Jeni Barton at (302) 576-2135 or