Mayor Williams Installs New Smart Meter on Market Street

Posted on  11/04/2013 1:55 pm

Photo of Mayor Williams installing smart meter

Today, Mayor Dennis P. Williams announced the arrival of the smart meters in downtown Wilmington during a press conference held in the heart of Wilmington’s business district. Mayor Williams helped bring more convenient parking to Wilmington by even installing one of the smart meters along North Market Street himself.

While downtown Wilmington is a community of rich history, a tourist and business attraction, hub of the City’s cultural and entertainment offerings; traditional, coin parking meters deterred visitors from enjoying Wilmington’s downtown community. As a result, Mayor Williams and his Administration worked for several months to develop innovative methods to address parking concerns throughout the City of Wilmington.

“For years, parking has remained a difficult issue for the City, which has discouraged people from visiting the restaurants, businesses, and entertainment in downtown Wilmington,” said Mayor Williams. “These smart meters will ensure parking is convenient for all of our City’s residents and visitors.”

The City has partnered with Duncan Solutions, a global leader in on-street parking, to install 200 new Liberty® Single-Space Meters throughout downtown. The new single-space meters will provide motorists the ability to pay with coin, all major credit cards, smart cards and pay-by- phone. Additionally, the smart meters can potentially include Smartphone applications that alert customers when their time is expiring; allow customers to add time to their meter remotely, and are motion sensitive so when a car leaves the parking spot, the time resets to zero.

The installation of the smart meters will be an extension of Mayor Williams’ Wilmington RISE campaign, which seeks to make Wilmington Clean, Safe and Smart.

“The upgraded meter technology allows multiple payment options and will bring efficiency and convenience to the city. With the many forms of payment options, we believe we will see a drop in the number of parking violations and ticketing,” said Mayor Williams. “Installing smart meters is just one step towards making the City more efficient, convenient and smart.”

The City will evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot program to determine whether meters will be installed citywide. Downtown Wilmington and the Riverfront were ideal for this pilot program due to the heavy concentration of visitors.