Division of Youth & Families Hosts Youth Government Day

Posted on  05/02/2014 6:21 pm

Photo of Mayor Williams and Mayor Felix

The Department of Parks & Recreation’s Division of Youth and Families hosted Youth in Government Day on Thursday, May 1, 2014. The program’s goal over its 30-plus year history has been to educate youth on the inner-workings of local government and the democratic process. Beginning in December, 2013, over 100 students from Thurgood Marshall, Bancroft, Albert Jones and Bayard Elementary Schools participated in mock campaigns and elections, which culminated in student administrators and councilpersons spending a day with each of their City government counterparts.

Many thanks to each principal, teacher, parent, employee and Council representative who helped make this pillar program a great success. Congratulations to each student and the staff of the Department of Parks & Recreation for an impactful and positive day for everyone involved.

View the Youth in Government Day slideshow.