The Williams Administration Meets with Civic Associations Throughout the City to Share Mayor Williams' Vision for Wilmington

Posted on  01/30/2013 3:21 pm

(Wilmington, DE) – Members of the Williams Administration are visiting each civic association in the City of Wilmington to share Mayor Williams’ vision and Preamble with community members.

Alexandra Coppadge, Director of Media and Community Relations, recently met with the Brandywine Hills Community Association and is scheduled to meet with all neighborhood civic associations located within the City of Wilmington.

“The Williams Administration wants to be open and transparent with our local communities, so it is important to reach out and share our vision with each neighborhood. The goal is for the Administration and the communities to work together on moving Wilmington forward,” said Coppadge.

During the meeting, Coppadge shared the Mayor’s Preamble, an introduction into ideas and concepts of the Williams Administration, with attendees to create dialogue around the City’s current state and possibilities for the future.

The Preamble features five main focal points:

  • Our City: “Working together with a unity of purpose we will restore pride in our City.”
  • Our Government: “Mayor Williams will require City employees to be true civil servants who work effectively and embrace a culture of service.”
  • Our Neighborhoods: “Mayor Williams will energize our diverse citizenry to create a safe urban environment composed of wholesome neighborhoods, beautiful parks, clean streets, vibrant local commerce, enriching cultural experiences, and positive recreational activities.”
  • Our Children: “Mayor Williams will work side by side with families to ensure that all institutions affecting the early development and education of Wilmington’s school aged children fulfill their responsibilities.”
  • Our Outlook: “Mayor Williams and his directors will partner with our fellow citizens and public and private institutions to build a resilient economy.”

For more information regarding the Administration visiting your civic association, please contact Alexandra Coppadge at (302) 576-2100.