Wilmington Fire Marshal's Office, Wilmington Police Department, Licenses and Inspection & the DE Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Initiate Enforcement Effort of Thunderguard Motorcycle Club

Posted on  03/27/2013 12:21 pm

On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, an enforcement effort was initiated by the Wilmington Fire Marshal’s Office and supported by the Wilmington Police Department, Department of License and Inspections and the Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco. The enforcement effort took place at the Thunderguard Motorcycle Club located on 2820 Northeast Boulevard.

Fire Marshals conducted building inspections in all of the structures on the corner lot that is shared with the Thunderguard Motorcycle Club. While conducting those inspections, Fire Marshals discovered that there was an illegal, undocumented assembly space built inside a garage occupancy structure. Fire Marshals documented that this fully furnished space had been illegally operating for several years.

Fire Marshals, License and Inspection and ABC officers seized large amounts of alcohol and condemned spaces connected to the Thunderguard Motorcycle Club. Pending charges will be filed against the building owner and anyone connected to the use of the targeted buildings.

The Fire Marshal’s Office and License and Inspection cited the Thunderguard Clubhouse for several code violations. The WPD and ABC officers also confiscated and removed illegal gambling machines and large amounts of alcohol.

The City of Wilmington looks to provide all of its residents and businesses with safe environments to live, work, and entertain. As Life Safety is a top priority, violations of code will be handled swiftly and the violators will be held responsible.

To report any establishments that are not compliant with City code please call:

Fire Marshal’s Office at (302) 576-3120

Department of License and Inspection at (302) 576-3030