City of Wilmington Celebrates Restaurant Week 2013

Posted on  04/22/2013 1:03 pm

City Restaurant Week April 22 - 27

Today, Monday, April 22nd, marks the beginning of City Restaurant Week, where 17 of Wilmington’s premier restaurants join together and invite the community to experience their fine dining.

The participating restaurants in Wilmington’s City Restaurant Week share one distinguishing characteristic: they are dominated by owner-operators. In other words, there is not a single chain restaurant in the group.

“City Restaurant Week provides an opportunity for everyone to experience the fine dining in Wilmington,” said Mayor Williams. “And as none of these restaurants are a part of chain, it is essential to support the businesses that bring life and vibrancy to our community.”

In the previous nine years, City Restaurant Week solely included fine dining restaurants from Downtown and along the Riverfront; however, this year’s restaurant showcase will also feature restaurants from Wilmington’s West End.

These various 17 restaurants offer everything from Chilean to Thai and Italian cuisine, and attendees can sample the creative dishes of these fine dining spots with special offers of $15 for lunch and $35 for dinner. City Restaurant Week runs from Monday, April 22nd - Saturday, April 27th.

For more information please visit the City Restaurant Week website at: