Certified arborists plant a tree on Dupont Street at Delaware Avenue. Certified arborists plant a tree on Dupont Street at Delaware Avenue.

Recommended Street Trees

The City of Wilmington uses trees recommended by the Delaware Center for Horticulture and approved by the Urban Forest Administrator. Striving to plant the right tree for the appropriate space avoids future maintenance problems, disease, insect problems, litter, nuisance trees, and invasive species.

The best times of the year to plant trees are in the fall and spring, generally October through December and March through May.

Download the list of Recommended Urban Trees.



Trident Maple American Smoketree Red Maple Chinese Pistache
Hedge Maple 'Winter King' Hawthorne Sugar Maple London Planetree
Amur Maple Goldenrain Tree River Birch Sargeant Cherry
Paperbark Maple Crapemyrtle European Hornbeam Swamp White Oak
Three-flower Maple Amur Maackia Sugar Hackberry Shingle Oak
Shantung Maple 'Galaxy' Hybrid Magnolia Common Hackberry Willow Oak
Red Horsechestnut Flowering Crabapples Katsura Tree Fastigeate English Oak
American Hornbeam American Hophornbeam American Yellowwood Pond Cypress
Chinese Fringe Tree Persian Parrotia Turkish Filbert Common Baldcypress
Corneliancherry Dogwood 'Okame' Cherry Ginkgo Littleleaf Linden
Japanese Cornel Dogwood 'Autumnalis' Cherry Thornless Honeylocust Silver Linden
  Japanese Tree Lilac Kentucky Coffeetree American Elm Hybrids
    American Sweetgum Lacebark Elm
    Dawn Redwood Japanese Zelkova
    Black Gum  

Helpful Information

Learn how to plant a new tree.

Learn how to prune mature trees.

Learn how to protect trees during construction.

City Trees Contact Numbers

Street Tree Concerns:
(302) 576-3878

General Tree Questions:
Herbert W. White
Urban Forest Administrator
(302) 576-2582