City Announces Community Project Day 2014

Posted on  01/31/2014 1:35 pm

Photo of Community Project Day

The City is pleased to announce the 4th Annual Community Project Day will take place on Saturday, April 26, 2014, and encourages all of the citizens of Wilmington to participate in beautifying our city.

In 2013, the City was thrilled to register participation from more than 70 volunteer groups. These groups, which included civic associations, businesses, community centers, churches and schools worked to enhance their communities with block clean ups, landscaping projects, garden initiatives, and educational outreach projects.

For 2014, Community Project Day organizers are striving to make a larger impact citywide. In support of this effort, New Castle County committed 20 volunteers to participate in this year’s Community Project Day. These volunteers will ensure a greater reach, and an increase of community projects.

“This event allows citizens to dedicate time to beautifying and improving the city we all love so much, but Community Project Day is also an opportunity for communities to engage and collaborate in a manner that encourages continued partnerships and strengthened neighborhoods,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams.

Download the Community Project Day registration form.

For more information on Community Project Day 2014, please visit the City of Wilmington website at: or contact Stephanie Avinger at Those interested in participating may also call (302) 576-3100.